(Bet you all weren’t expecting this notification in your inbox, huh?)

Well, there has been a lot going on in my life right now and I thought I would update you all on what’s happening!


I’ve been a busy little bee, as usual. With graduation approaching quickly and my future still a little unclear, I had spent a lot of time these past few months doing research and writing applications for all sorts of jobs. Most of you know that I have always wanted to work in the government and use my language skills. Unfortunately, those jobs are difficult to come by and caused me to consider some other options. I had spoken with a few friends who pointed out that teaching English abroad was a great opportunity (and living abroad is always recommended for government jobs). It was something new to consider – not exactly the typical route for that career – but the more I thought about it the more I decided it was something I wanted to look into. I had experience working with young kids when I volunteered at People Serving People as a teacher’s assistant, and I’ve certainly had my hands full growing up with Jack.

Let me just say that after a few days of researching it fully, I was hooked by the idea. The job sounded like a dream. Housing paid for, incredible benefits, flight paid for, settlement allowance and a severance package, an opportunity to live and travel abroad again, tax free, working with kids, sharing my love of learning languages, and the chance to save up money for when I return. Where is this magical land?

Destination: South Korea




It’s an incredibly secure position since it is sponsored by the government, meaning my contracts are set in stone and I cannot be dropped midway through. Not to mention, this type of job opens up a whole new set of doors and opportunities for me elsewhere. Well, after months of preparation, sending out documents, and then nervously prepping for an interview I received the news… I passed. I passed.

Now, this doesn’t mean I have the job yet. I have to mail all my documents out to South Korea, then I have to wait a few weeks for a school to choose me. This means I won’t be notified of my placement or have a contract until about mid-July, at the earliest.  If I am picked by a school I will leave mid-August for a week long orientation. Classes will start September 1st. However, I am pretty much going to South Korea. 🙂

Now, I’m sure you all have questions for me, but I’ll answer the most important one right now:

Yes, I will be writing a blog while I’m abroad.

I won’t be posting it up until I find out where I am placed, but I will make sure to post the link here, on Facebook, and also send it to my family to spread amongst everyone else.

Hope you’re all as excited as I am to hear about my new upcoming adventures!


5 thoughts on “Update!

  1. Early congrats for graduation!

    South Korea? I can say I don’t follow foreign stuff very much so this will be exciting to explore another new country through you. Live life to the fullest while you’re young!

    Best of luck with the selection process!!

  2. Here we go again Kayla K.!!!!! Whew, you are an adventurous soul. We are very proud of the young woman you’ve become!! Talk soon, Love Dad and Lori.

  3. Much time to absorb…and the time has been needed as you just never stop!!!! So many of my friends admire land love hearing about what you are doing. They ask so many questions and as you know, i struggle with details (i do listen i just have that struggle)!!! anyway, you know our support is always there. I might put my foot down with the moon, however…. 😉 XO

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